Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fear of Buying?

I remember reading Erica Jong's book "Fear of Flying" many moons ago which had to do with people's fear of sexual intimacy. Many people are just afraid of commitments and the intimacy they entail. When it comes to big commitments, home buying nears the top of the list. No matter how much certain people say they want to buy a home, when it gets right down to it they back off and create reasons not to buy. I'll give you an example, a little while ago I was working w/a couple who seemed to really want to buy a home soon. In the process of showing them homes they suddenly decided that every town that had homes in it that they could afford were suddenly not good enough. I would probe them for reasons that made these towns unsuitable and they would just say that they didn't like them. I asked them if they would like to see other towns that were a little more expensive but were still affordable enough and they said 'No, we want to stay in the previous price range'. This couple had been looking for homes off and on for the past 3 years and still couldn't commit to buying. They used excuses as to why certain homes and areas were unsuitable. They refused to look in other areas that may have been more suitable using finances as an excuse. They could afford more home than they were looking for but kept putting artificial obstacles in their path. I really believe that potential home buyers could use the benefit of an impartial real estate consultant to help them through their fears, real and/or imagined. I know I have been able to provide low cost real estate consulting services for those buyers who realized they needed some outside assistance. It's like buying an insurance policy you hope you'll never need. It gives you peace of mind and helps you sleep at night. Sooner or later we all have to commit to one thing or another :)


At 9/29/06, 7:45 PM, Blogger Ann Houston said...

Help for sellers. I stumbled across this by accident when I was looking for some ideas to "stage" my home. It's been on the market for two months and no offers yet. My agent says I am right in line with the price I am listed at and I shouldn't reduce the price but I should increase the commission rate. I don't know who to believe anymore. I found the section on "7 deadly sins that sellers make" on the web and I've had my eyes opened. My agent is far from pleased but I am now thinking she really is only interested in getting her commission without really earning it. I am cancelling the listing when it comes up for renewal next month and I think I'll just try to do it myself and save myself a bunch of money. Anyway, if you're selling or thinking about it, here's where I found it 7 deadly sins that sellers make One good thing about it is there�s none of that stuff like agent referrals on the site and they don�t make you log in or anything. They also have a lot of tips for buyers and FSBO and all sorts of things. Hope this helps some of you.

At 10/27/06, 2:58 PM, Blogger Ann Houston said...

Have you ever tried to get an answer to a real estate question on the web only to be taken to an agent's sales site? I was surfing the other day and came across this site RE info 4 me and I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a no B/S site with loads of info for buyers and sellers. It's not full of advertising either, just down to earth common sense. It's free and theres no sign up or anything. Check it out.


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