Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

Greetings everyone. I am thrilled to be alive and well and still practicing real estate. It's been a difficult past year in the market place. Lots of changes have taken place and are still taking place as we speak. It's much more difficult to get a mortgage today however the interest rates are very low which should be very attractive to anyone who plans on buying or refinancing in the next few months. I do not see rates trending higher since the economy is in the dumps and there is a political election coming up this year. If anything, rates will trend slightly lower. That's very good news and then home prices have dropped quite a bit so this is a perfect opportunity for buyers who have sat on the sidelines, saved up some money and have decent credit. Buyers who are able to easily get a mortgage or who have lots of cash will truly be in the catbird seat as this year hums along.

There are so many choices in housing today available to well qualified buyers that shopping for a house is a little like being a kid in a candy store. This is also an awesome time to be an exclusive buyer's agent. I just love being able to negotiate from a position of strength not weakness. Listing agents are literally falling over themselves trying to be nice and cooperative when we show our buyer clients homes. One of my agents just put together a great deal today and the listing agent profusely thanked her for bringing such a good buyer. This is all good news for the intelligent and well qualified buyer since they will be able to obtain excellent representation and in most cases it will not cost them a dime since all commissions are included in the purchase price. This really is a great time to be a buyer since it is as if all the planets are in alignment.

Well I wish everyone a happy, healthy New Year and a home of one's own.


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