Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tricks or Treats?

Well, my pretties, with Halloween approaching, it is time to think of Trick or Treating. When you are going door to door asking for candy, will your neighbors answer their door and hand you a treat or will they be chained to the door hoping to stave off foreclosure. These are awful times for many homeowners and while the average "Joe the Plumber" says that they do not want government interference in their lives it is time the government really does something to help out all the struggling homeowners who are barely holding on. More foreclosures mean more blighted neighborhoods and more people feeling suicidal and helpless. For years the government looked the other way as big business helped themselves to monstrous profits (and still do like Mobil/Exxon) at the expense of the little guy. 

You know what I consider an insult to American intelligence? Paltry economic stimulus checks that give some Americans between $100 to $1800. To further add insult to injury, our current President thinks that Americans who receive these checks should go out and spend them in this insipid hope that buying more consumer goods will beef up this dismal economy. What a complete pathetic joke. How about giving us "Real" economic stimulus checks like the 700 billion dollars that you handed out to the very same corporations who have been ripping us off?
Think about what the average American family could do with about $350,000? Now that would really help people and put our economy back on track. Foreclosures would dry up, consumer confidence would spread, money would be spent on housing, cars and other consumer goods. Small businesses would prosper once again and all would be right with our economy. The housing market would stabilize and new buyers would be able to get mortgages again. Older homeowners who previously could not sell their home would now be able to ride off into the sunset (into their Florida or North Carolina retirement homes). Blighted towns like Mastic Beach would come alive again and attract new buyers wanting to set down roots in a well priced beach community. All would be right with the world. Now, my friends, that's what I would call a real "Treat"!


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