Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How Scary is that House?

In late October my thoughts always turn to Halloween and pumpkin picking. It occurs to me that today's average home buyer is also thinking the same thing instead of thinking of what treats may lurk behind the door of the home they are putting off seeing until they feel comfortable wading into this newly evolving "Buyer's Market". If you see yourself in this statement, listen up! There are roughly 4,000,000 homes on the market throughout the country right now. This should present multiple opportunities for you. This could be your best time to get into the market place and buy that home you've always wanted. The current rates on a mortgage are still at all time lows and sellers are feeling the pressure to reduce their prices. With so much inventory on the market it is an excellent time to do your bargain hunting. So this fall as you set out to pick a pumpkin or bake a pie, think about the potential great homes that would be just perfect for you and give your "Exclusive Buyer's Agent" a call and they will be able to do the rest. You're in good hands with a Realtor that works for buyers only!

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