Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hope over Fear

Our country finally did it, we chose hope over fear. A new day is dawning for America and it couldn't come at a better or bleaker time. We will have new leadership in the White House and we will have a thoughtful and intelligent President who was voted in by a majority of us. Things will not change overnight, it took time and many poor decisions to get us into the mess we are in now and it will take time and many good decisions to get us out of it. Still, this is really, really big history in the making and I couldn't be prouder to be an American then I am today.

What will this mean for the housing and financial sectors? It will mean that government will have an eye on the ball and will start to look out for the middle class instead of just big business, as usual. It will mean that consumer sentiment will start to become positive again. It will mean that foreclosures will no longer be on the rise but on the decline. It will mean that jobs will come to depressed cities like Detroit and Columbus. It will mean that banks will start loosening their tight grip on money and the credit will start to flow again into the hands of small businesses and home buyers. It will mean that our economy will start to create more good jobs instead of just outsourcing them out to foreign countries. It will mean that the super rich will start paying their fair share of taxes instead of the middle class bearing the burden. In short order, it will mean better times are ahead of us instead of just behind us.

Things are looking up, my friends, it is time to be hopeful again!

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