Monday, December 17, 2007

Home for the Holidays

Well, Tis the Season. So what will be under your Christmas tree or your Chanuka bush? It is that time of year when everyone is in such an utter state of panic to make sure that holiday cards are sent out, presents are bought, travel plans are made and menus are planned that most of us forget the true purpose of the holiday season. It is a time to reflect back on the past year and to also look ahead to the New Year. It is a time for gratitude and appreciation for all that is in your life and all that can be part of your life.

This time of year can be difficult for many of us because of the losses that may have occurred during the past 12 months. Still, if you truly look around, you can find enough blessings to be grateful for. If you have a roof over your head you are luckier than many people. If you have enough food to eat and clothes to wear you have more than others in third world countries. If you have someone in your life that loves and cares about you than you are truly blessed.

Money may be the currency of countries but love is the currency of our souls. Take some time out from all the running and mad dashing from store to store this season and reach out to someone you haven't spoken to in awhile. Send a check to a charity you believe in. Volunteer your time if you don't have enough money left over to write that check. Give your family the gift of time which will always be treasured more than another toy or video component.

Turn you house into a home by making sure that there is always love and laughter within your four walls. These are the things that are remembered way after the season has come and gone.

Wishing you and yours a most memorable holiday season,


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