Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beware of Scam "Dumpster Rentals Inc" located in Baldwin NY

Just had the most unpleasant experience with a dumpster company that has a heavy internet marketing presence. Dumpster Rentals Inc will lie to you when asked about any hidden charges. I just found out the hard way after ordering a dumpster from them. As a professional, you would've thought that I might know better, but I too was scammed by this malicious company.

I spoke with a customer service agent at the company named Marie when I went to inquire about renting their dumpster. They had an ad that said the rental price was $299 but was told that the price for a 20 yard dumpster was really $450 and that ad was just a "come on". I was fine with that price since it is pretty standard for the industry. I asked if there were any additional hidden charges and was told only a small service charge of $18. I asked again if there were any additional hidden charges and Marie laughed and said only if the load went over 2 tons. I asked what would cause the load to exceed 2 tons and she said heavy concrete. I knew I wouldn't be putting in concrete so I didn't worry about that. I asked how long I could have the dumpster before they picked it up. Marie replied about 2 weeks and I said "fine".

2 weeks came and went and they didn't pick up the dumpster. I finally called today and was told that I needed to pay them an additional $330 for them to remove the dumpster since I had it more than 2 weeks! I said that I had never agreed to this and was never told about the extra charges. They insisted they had e-mailed me documents telling me about these charges. They never e-mailed me anything until I just called them to remove the dumpster. They are refusing to pick up the dumpster and told me that they will keep charging me more money until I sign paperwork agreeing to pay them these outrageous charges that I never knew about or agreed to.

Make sure you thoroughly investigate whatever company you plan on using since there are just so many unscrupulous businesses just waiting to rip you off! Dumpster Rentals Inc of Baldwin, NY is at the top of my list for dishonest and thieving companies.

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